**SOAP MAKING** Some of our molds can't be used for soap making because they are not deep enough to cast soap. If you are planning to use the molds you just purchase for soap making please let me know and I will let you know if they are suitable for casting soap if they are not I will refund the purchase price and the shipping cost I will then cancel your order.

If you are using a very stiff clay for the casting material you consider using the food grade silicone it is a stiffer silicone so you can press the clay in the mold to pick up the detail. The clay has to completely harden before you can take it out of the mold or it will break apart or not pick up the detail in the mold
The non grade silicone is a soft silicone and will work for 99% of the clays it makes it much easier to demold the clay from the mold and it will pick up all of the detail in the mold The majority of my customers use the non food silicone for clay

PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally I change the shape or color of the silicone molds, making improvements to ease the release of casts or improve the look of the mold The shape and size of the item WILL NOT CHANGE just the overall shape of the mold. With time I will update my pictures.