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Item size 3-1/2" Tall 3-1/2" Wide X 5/8 Thick
Mold size 4-3/4" Tall x 3-3/4" Wide x 1" Thick

I want every customer to be completely satisfied with their purchase. This means all of my molds except Custom molds are fully refundable. If you have issues with your molds please message me within 14 days of receiving your mold(s) and I will gladly refund your purchase price of the mold(s) after they have been received at Salvatore’s Studio.

A little about my process: To create the highest quality mold with the most intricate detail, I take the extra time to pour the silicone to create your mold. I don’t press the item into silicone putty since this method would not pick up detail. To ensure your mold is of the highest quality I use a vacuum system to remove any air from the silicone. My 20 years of experience in silicone mold making assures that the mold you purchase will yield perfect castings. Using only the finest American made silicone for your molds will guarantee quality reproductions for many years. I guarantee you will receive professional quality molds.

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Jeanette Fletcher

I never received any of the items I've ordered

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